How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

Faithful and Consistent Prayer

We are firm believers in the Sovereignty of God over all things—including ministry success! Because God is ultimately the source of “every good and perfect gift,” we feel there is no better way to prepare for this “Utah Mission” than to have faithful Christians constantly pray for God to bless this ministry (James 1:17). There is absolutely no better undertaking for us than to beseech God for His grace, provision, protection and blessing. The most helpful possible action you can engage in, regardless of any financial support you may decide to give, is to consistently and intentionally pray for us and our ministry.

Financial Support

We’re asking for friends and family to generously support us for the next five years so that we can be invested in full-time vocational ministry. Utah needs Christians devoted to full-time ministry and evangelism whose time and energy are not split between ministry efforts and paying the bills. Missionaries are sent all over the world supported by faithful Christians who are eager to partake in the joy of ministry by giving financially, and we’re asking for Christians to consider engaging in this mission to Utah with us in the same manner. 

We’re specifically asking for around 20 people to commit to giving $25-50/month, 10-20 people to commit to $100/month, for 5-10 people to commit to $250/month, and for 3-5 people to commit to $500/month. Our goal is to raise a total of $5,000/month.

The truth of the matter is, we can’t do this without supporters! The Mission Church simply does not have the financial ability to pay a full-time salary to me, yet there is such a drastic need for full-time Christians devoted to ministry in Utah. Please pray and consider partnering with Marisa and I in this endeavor to reach the least-reached place in the US.


Current Prayer Requests:

  • Support Raising process
  • Getting final moving plans squared away
  • Smooth transition from Chicago to Utah emotionally for both me and my bride-to-be
  • God to be preparing hearts of those we will engage with in Utah
  • God to provide strong friendships for Marisa and I in Utah

Interested in Supporting Us?