What’s Our Mission?

Our Mission

Our primary mission in all things is to bring glory to God. Every minute of ministry will be devoted to God’s glory and praise. To that end, Marisa and I are looking to be engaged in a 3-faceted approach to ministry in Utah:

1) Mormon Ministry and Evangelism

Utah is Mormonism’s home, and much of the state’s culture is infused with Mormon history and ideals. Utah has the highest concentration of Mormons than anywhere else in the world, and yet there is an extremely small sliver of Christian resources devoted to Mormon ministry. With over 15 million members, the LDS church needs more Christian missionaries dedicated to Mormon-specific evangelism. Currently, I’m involved in a web-ministry called God Loves Mormons (www.GodLovesMormons.com) which is built to help soft-hearted questioning Mormons better understand Christianity. The videos we put out on God Loves Mormons are fueled by an active street-evangelism ministry in which I participate regularly. We have the opportunity to meet many at the gates of Temple Square, the very heart of Mormonism, who have not heart the undistorted Gospel as taught in the Bible. These encounters sharpen our understanding of LDS doctrine and culture, which in turn helps write the scripts for these God Loves Mormon’s videos. Marisa and I are dedicated to being missionaries to these people, many of whom have never before heard the true Gospel!

2) Building Up Christianity

In virtually every corner of LDS-saturated Utah, there is very little (if any) Christian presence established. We want to help Christianity gain a foothold in the state by supporting individual Christian families in Utah, supporting various ministries and helping establish churches. Christianity is simply not known in Utah! Many have no regular interaction with Christianity, whether that be Christian families, schools, or even churches! Because of the staggeringly low number of Christians and Christian churches in Utah, a significant part of our ministry will be dedicated to building up this lacking Christian infrastructure and presence. This includes providing Christians the opportunities, support, teaching and training—commonly available in other parts of the US—though partnering with multiple ministries and churches for the establishment of a stronger Christian presence in the state.

3) Investing in Church Plants

The most effective and biblical model of evangelism is the establishment of local church congregations. No other ministry endeavor produces and multiplies ministry quite like a church plant does. Local congregations are vital to the training, growth, and vitality of Christians, and thus Marisa and I are eager to support the initiation of new churches in Utah. The previous year of ministry for me has been spent at The Mission Church in South Jordan, UT. The Mission Church is a new church plant that also has a heart for Mormon evangelism and outreach. Once moving out to Utah, I will be on staff at The Mission Church as the Director of Young Adult Ministries and a pastor-in-training. Marisa and I are eager to be heavily invested in a church plant such as The Mission Church, and even have our own eyes towards planting in the future.


Here are a couple resources from God Loves Mormons I’ve helped write and produce this last year while in Utah. These are the types of projects I’ll be involved in once I’m back.

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